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Fresh from the Start...

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Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Cold Brew


Baked Goods

Our Mantra

Right from the Start...

Since the beginning in 2012, Chase’s La Verne has always operated on our values:

  • Fresh is always best,

  • Quality ingredients matter,

  • Never ever frozen, and

  • Made from scratch whenever possible

Welcome to EGGSactly by Chase’s — where a little EGGSandwich embodies all of these big beliefs.  These principles are the heart of what we do and exemplify the love and care taken when creating great food.


EGGSactly is:

  • Freshly baked breads

  • Pastured organic eggs

  • Locally-sourced produce

  • Seasonal ingredients

  • Meats from the highest quality butcheries

That being said, let's discuss....

Our Coffee

Brewed & Nitro Cold Brew

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Click their logo or picture of their farm in Guatemala to get all the details and become a coffee expert!

Locally roasted in Pasadena, CA

Jump Start Your Day with a Cold Brew


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