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All About It...

The EGGSandwich

… is described as comfort food in the culinary world, and who doesn’t need a little comfort, right?


The original idea of the EGGSandwich was hatched because of our busy lives. Throwing together bread, eggs, bacon and smashing it into a napkin for the commute to work and suddenly *poof* the comfort got lost for the most important meal of the day!


Exactly put, we decided to put the chefs at Chase’s to task and fine-tune the EGGSandwich by performing egg-y perfection and then developing the flavors from our own herb garden.  All that to say — this ain’t your drive-thru egg sandwich! — it all starts with respect for the egg, locally sourced and free range.


We believe the perfect egg is the medium egg because the yolk is in the process of changing into a gorgeous yellow sauce that is still gooey and drippy.  The creamy moisture carries the other ingredients and compliments them as the perfect breakfast bite. EGGSactly right!


While we ♥️  the medium egg, it’s YOUR sando! If you prefer your egg scrambled or folded, over hard or sunny, have it exactly the way you want.  We would love you to give that medium egg a try and see if EGGSactly is the perfect choice.

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